Product Application

GRECKSTER - The Guaranteed Performer

GRECKSTER Tyres are subjected to demanding physical and chemical examinations. The stringent pre-production raw material control system, in process step by step quality control system and 100% final inspection ensures zero defect tyres. The Test standards are optimised on the following properties resulting in the ultimate performance of GRECKSTER Tyres. 

We manufacture tyres for the following product applications : 

       Fork Lift Trucks

     Internal Port Trailers


     Baggage Trolleys

     Scissor Lifts 

     Pallet Trolleys

     Reach Truck

     Side Loader

     Platform Trucks

     Air Craft Support Equipment

     Road Paving Equipment

     All Slow Moving Applications


GRECKSTER Special Application Tyres

We also have the expertise to manufacture tyres for special applications :

Oil Resistant Tyres Heat Resistant Tyres Non Markers Anti Static Tyres
For Application Used in Oily Surface High Ambient Environment Clean floor Surfaces Explosive Areas


Smelter Plant Pharmaceutical


Foundries Food Process


Types of Rim Suitable for GRECKSTER Tyres 


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