Solid Tyre

BACUCO2T Technology

World Acclaimed – A revolution in the manufacture of Solid Tyres.

Reduction of heat hysterisis has been one of the greatest challenges in the design and construction of a Solid Tyre. GRECKSTER has made a break through by using the mathematically derived BACUCO2T Technology.

Technology Synopsis

When a sudden application of shear stress (load) is placed on a visco-elastic material ( such as tyre tread compound) and such materials when held at a constant strain, a molecular rearrangement occurs ( in other words tread path is maintained at a predetermined tension) resulting in tremendous heat accumulation at the target tread viz. the tread shoulder.

A material having a long relaxation time has a high storage modulus which in turn spells bad for the performance of a tyre. In BACUCO2T theory, minimization of heat generation and in particular its even distribution through out all sections of tread contact area has been perfectly achieved by adopting Radius Controlled and Tension Controlled Optimising Formula.

If a tyre is working efficiently on its running surface, the temperature difference between the crown and the shoulder will be a matter of few degrees. Accurate control and identification of hot spots is essential as these are usually associated with areas of potential high wear.

In our new innovative BACUCO2T Technology these advantages are built in by a unique researched multi-layer concept which ultimately results in a perfect tyre with long life and less heat build up.

In the design of GRECKSTER the integrated layers of varying hardness are made up of different formulations, integrating the requisite special properties to the end product.

Compounds and designs are carefully selected to meet out the diverse requirements of tyre under exacting work conditions.


   The Abrasion-Cut resistant compound combined with the unique tread design ensures improved stability,

   traction and braking in both dry/wet conditions. The wider foot print area in conjunction with optimum lug

   to void ratio ensures larger surface area and lower work load/contact pressure at any specific points in

   the tread region. This characteristic ensures long and even wear resulting in high load bearing capacity

   and extended life of the tyre.

  Primary Resilio’

   The resilient center compound is a softer compound which is designed to reduce heat build up and 

   increases the longevity of a tyre. Further the elastic property of the Resilio area absorbs shock from

   being transmitted to the equipment, resulting in driving comfort, absolute safety and increased truck life

   through reduced vibrations. In addition, this layer helps in reducing the rolling resistance of the tyre.

  Secondary Resilio’

   This ensures graded modulus thereby eliminating separation problem that can occur due to shearing

   action under dynamic conditions. It also acts as a transition layer between Primary Resilio’ and Base

   layers. This further compliments the Primary Resilio’ layer in providing additional driving comfort.

  Transition Base

   This layer made up of matrix of nylon and natural rubber recipe which ensures the requisite elastic

   property for optimum interference fitment.

  Primary Hard Base

   The high durometer compound provides adequate interference in tyre –rim fitment ensuring firm grip in the

   rim seating area and thus eliminating any spinning problems.              





  The windows at the Tread Buttress area ensure faster dissipation of heat which is an unique feature of

    Greckster design.




  Center wear bar prevents tread shuffling during steering operations ensuring long and even tread wear

    which  eliminates chipping and chunking.




  The extra skid depth provided helps in offering extra mileage.




  The protruding Kerb rib around the sidewall circumference prevents side wall damages.




  The mid Concave side wall design increases tyre deflection and reduces driver and equipment fatigue.





  Wider footprint and large tread  lugs help in reducing the stain on the tread thereby enhancing the     




Tyres used in Material Handling Equipments have to encounter diverse factors like load, speed, distance & running surface. Hence the quality of compound used and the product design greatly decide the superlative performance of any tyre. A comparative study of different type of tyres as against the various performance parameters in any Material Handling Equipments is tabulated below.

Tyre Types  »

Industrial pneumatic

Conventional solid tyre uni-layer or two layer

Conventional solid tyre 3 layer construction GRECKSTER Solid resilient tyres 5 layer

   Performance parameters

Load Carrying Capacity Good Good     Very Good Excellent
Driving comfort Excellent Poor     Good Very Good
Rolling Resistance Excellent Poor     Good Very Good
Stability Good Good     Very Good Excellent
Puncture Poor Good     Excellent Excellent
Maintenance Expensive Economical      Economical  Zero Maintenance
Life Poor Poor     Very Good Excellent


" Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many."  

                                                                   -William A. Foster