The People Behind

EMRALD is promoted by a team of professionals headed by Mr.V. Thirupathi, former Managing Director of ICICI credit corporation Ltd., One of the premier financial institutions in India. He is ably assisted by a team of people who have rich experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of pneumatic and solid tyres for over a decade.

Their experience helped to design from the scratch, an improved version of tyre matching each and every material handling requirement of customers and the result is GRECKSTER a zero maintenance product that simulate closely the performance of an industrial pneumatic tyre in material handling applications.


The key workstations namely compound mixing/tyre building/ moulding are totally automated and this eliminates the unnecessary handling of green tyres and human errors.

The plant has a time tested integrated system in place for procurement of quality raw materials, manufacturing techniques, testing procedures including research & design for ensuring consistency in quality output.

The quality assurance dept carries out a comprehensive physical /chemical test studies to conform to set quality standards at every stage of activity from incoming raw materials through compounding/mixing/curing & finishing.

Further each tyre is tracked with a distinct identification process code which is linked to the production chain and thereby any tyre that rolls out is assured of zero manufacturing defect


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"Tyre manufacturing is a fascinating kind of art but the art of practicing good business ethics is the best art"

                                                                                                                                    - Alfa VM